Being covered by a good warranty is one of the most important considerations that both new and pre-owned car buyers have. We offer you a comprehensive warranty, ensuring that you are adequately protected from the moment you make the purchase. We stand by the quality of our cars, and that confidence allows us to offer you a great warranty on the vehicle. Here’s a look at what our warranty will cover:
  • Powertrain: You can rest assured knowing that your car’s mechanicals are sufficiently covered.
  • Bumper to Bumper Warranty: With literally your entire car covered, you can enjoy peace of mind from the outset.
  • The first 100,000 miles: Not 12,000 or 36,000 miles - our warranty covers you for a full 100,000 miles!
At Royal Auto Group, you get a warranty deal that is hard to match. We explain the warranty inclusion and exclusions clearly, so that you are aware of all aspects of coverage, repair and costs involved. Our terms and conditions are in the customer's favor, offering you additional benefits, and with your best interests at heart.
A warranty from Royal Auto Group saves you money and keeps all anxieties with regard to future repair costs at bay.