Sales Department

Our qualified, knowledgeable and friendly sales professionals assist you with everything you need to make an informed purchase decision. Potential buyers at our dealership and those who mail or write to us from across the world are provided with all the information they seek, in a timely manner.
What sets our salespersons apart is that they don’t pressurize you into making a purchase, but present you with accurate facts and fair price quotes to help you make the final decision. We stress on a good customer experience at our dealership, and achieve this by providing an affable, no-pressure environment. If you decide to buy one of our quality used cars, a salesperson will guide through the process up until the vehicle is actually delivered to you.
If you are not sure which pre-owned car to buy, our sales staff can suggest suitable options after assessing your requirements and finances. Discuss your needs and concerns freely with our sales staff – we are here to lend support in any way we can, and ensure that you invest in a vehicle that best matches your commuting and budget requirements.
Please contact  BILL LEVIN (609) 877-5500 for questions that you may have about Royal Auto Group’s pre-owned cars, prices and services. You can also email us at