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December 1st, 2020 by:
Royal Auto Group

Enters into partnership offering Allstate Vehicle Protection Products

Royal Auto Group of Haddon Township and Burlington, New Jersey recently took its commitment to quality to the next level with implementation of Allstate Vehicle Protection Products. There’s a reason why the tag line for the company is “Putting Customers First,” and that was apparent with the successful implementation of Allstate’s programs.

“We’ve been working for some time to achieve this level of recognition. We have to be just shy of perfect with customer satisfaction.” said Ahmed Bayoumi, owner of Royal Auto Group. “I am both honored and excited as Allstate family of companies has been around for more than eighty years providing innovative insurance products, and now we have the ability to offer such to our customers.”

Allstate goes through an intense process when choosing which used car dealerships can represent the Allstate line, and not everyone, and frankly most, do not meet the strict requirements. A multi-tiered protection program, customers can select which plan best suits their needs based upon budget, model of car, and mileage. All plans offer solutions to protect the vehicle owner from unexpected expenses that can come with owning a vehicle and all packages include roadside services, key replacement, and alternate transportation.

“Allstate Dealer Services is a partnership granted after extensive underwriting, and not all used car dealerships are approved. It’s viewed more as a privilege and recognition of the integrity of one’s business,” says Russ Woodard, Dealer Relations Manager for Allstate Dealer Services. “There’s a stringent underwriting process in which we check for any legal issues such as malfeasance or misrepresentation, previous relationships with other warranty companies, and claim records. Royal Auto Group is an exceptional company that stands behind their customers and the cars. I wish to point out that the Allstate Vehicle Protection Products offered through Royal Auto Group are the exact same factory programs offered by Toyota, Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mazda.”

For further information on this exciting new offering, please talk to your Royal Auto Group sales representative.

October 28th, 2020 by:
Royal Auto Group Staff

Which one is right for you? AutoCheck and Carfax are two well known companies that provide historical data on used cars. Both services are fee based and provide information about a vehicle’s past service, accidents, title issues, and emission records. Carfax is more well known to consumers due to ongoing advertising campaigns while AutoCheck is more preferred by Car Dealers.

Both services get their information from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), a federal agency which collects information from State Motor Vehicle registries. It is the only system that all insurance carriers, auto recyclers, and salvage yards must report to regularly.

The intent of both services is to provide a consumer with vehicle history so one can make an educated decision as to condition and value when contemplating a vehicle’s purchase. However, a system is only is good as the quality of its inputted data – which means if a body shop makes repairs and doesn’t input into the system, it won’t show up on any report. If someone fixes a car themselves or has a buddy do it, and it doesn’t get reported, then it won’t show up on Carfax nor AutoCheck.

Carfax was founded in 1984 and gets its name from when “faxing” was the primary means of immediate transmission, as in before the Internet. Carfax will provide maintenance records, if done by a facility which participates in data sharing, and also compiles data from insurance carriers, auto auctions, police and fire departments, and collision repair shops. Carfax states it receives data from over 100,000 sources, and its database is over 17.5 billion records. In a Carfax report one finds: title information, odometer readings, lemon and buyback issues, transfers of ownership, inspections and repairs, recalls, and accidents. While quite conclusive and attractive to consumers, there are some pitfalls. Each point of data entry is a possibility of corruption of data on the vehicle’s history, and if service or repairs of any kind were done by a non-reporting facility, entity, or person, they will not show up on a Carfax report.

AutoCheck is owned by Experian, and has formed relationships with eBay Motors,,, Kelley Blue Book, and CarMax – no relation to Carfax. Autocheck differs from Carfax in that it assigns each vehicle a numerical score based upon vehicle condition, age, and mileage. The score is intended as an indicator as to how a particular vehicle compares to other available cars in its class. An AutoCheck report will provide information on: registration and title, transfers of ownership, odometer, lemon or buyback issues, recalls, and collision records. The nation’s two largest automotive auction houses maintain exclusive relationships with AutoCheck giving their reports a more in depth look at a vehicle’s history and is one of the reasons AutoCheck is preferred by used car dealers.

Deciding which report (AutoCheck vs Carfax) to use can be difficult for a consumer, and many choose to use both. Consumers are most certainly encouraged to research vehicles on their own. A quality dealer will usually offer customers a free report on its vehicles for sale, but at the end of the day, each report is only as good as the original input into its system, and to reiterate, if service or repairs were done by a non-reporting entity, then such will not show up on any report. Thus, the best set of “eyes” one can have when purchasing a previously owned vehicle is the relationship between you and the dealer.

There’s a reason why the tag line for Royal Auto Group is “putting customers first.” Businesses aren’t built by one-and-done sales. They are built by loyal customers coming back over and over again and by word of mouth when a satisfied customer tells a friend. Relationships are built between people. Cars… well cars are built by people and robots, and although we love to give our cars names, they are an assembly of machined parts. So, for those moments when those parts may require service, Royal Auto Group proudly offers Allstate Vehicle Protection Products, and can tailor-make a program to meet your needs and goals. For further information, ask your sales rep!

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